Hello video fans around the world! My name is Nikola Bujukliev and this is my video blog. I’m mostly a video blogger and video producer.  Music is also a fun part of my life. I sing and play guitar in a band Amaro. I live in Macedonia, enjoy the books of Paulo Coelho, and I like spaghetti.

Amaro video production has started in 2012. I want to help people who like video production and everything related with it. That makes me happy! Therefore, feel free to contact me with questions and suggestions. I am also prepared to make a contribution to those musicians and other artists who want to progress in their development, to have better promotion and bigger audience. Let me know if you want your video to be posted on this video site. Videos can be on any regular subject and will cost you nothing! Enjoy!

Contact info:
p: 389 77 816 447
e: amarovideo@gmail.com


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